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See How It All Started - Seduced by the Moon, Moonlight Shifters 1

Was it possible for a heart to explode out of a man’s chest? Because that’s exactly how Sebastian felt being so close to Brie. Not being able to touch her was making him insane. The sexual tension blazing between them was so thick he could taste it. He knew she felt it, too, and had since they’d had sex in her bathroom, exchanging secret glances every chance they got, brushing up against each other with every opportunity.

The memory of touching her had his fingers tightening around the steering wheel. The need to hold her in his arms, press his lips to hers, taste her succulent body, everything he wanted to do to her was driving him wild.

Biting the inside of his mouth, he imagined what it would be like to take his time savoring her body. He didn’t want to just sleep with her and mindlessly ravage her body. He wanted to love her, sample every inch of her flesh until she was writhing in his arms from unbelievable bouts of passion. Passion he brought out in her.

The heat of her stare was like fire blazing over the sensitive flesh of his body. The desire in her eyes awakened his soul. She stole the breath from his lungs and revved his blood.

He heard her shift and glanced up into the rearview mirror to look at her, sitting in the backseat of his dually pickup truck, arms folded over her chest. Brie’s soothing voice pulled him out of his sexual thoughts and back into reality—a reality that reminded him that he was sitting next to his brother, racing down Interstate 20, running and hiding from a serial killer.

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