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5 STARS - Desired Heat, Men of Iron Horse 5
"I freaking LOVED Desired Heat! Morgan Fox's  Men of Iron Horse books are INSANELY GOOD. I have been in love with this series since the first one. I love the style of writing, the plots, the characters, and the intense emotions these books give me. !" 
ARC Review - Marie's Tempting Reads
4 STARS - Captivated Heat, Men of Iron Horse 4
"Captivated Heat got a MAGNIFICENT FOUR SHOOTING STARS! I love the passion, the heartache, and the sweet love making that took place in the story. Morgan Fox knows how to write a story that is both heartfelt and steamy, perfect for a reader like me!" 
ARC Review - Marie's Tempting Reads
5 STARS - Undercover Heat, Men of Iron Horse 3
"I give Undercover Heat A FLYING FIVE SHOOTING STARS! I liked the writing and LOVED both Brynn and Reid. It had the perfect blend of romance and edge to the story. I can't get enough of this series and am eagerly awaiting the next one!" 
ARC Review - Marie's Tempting Reads
5 STARS - Beautiful Heat, Men of Iron Horse 2
"I think Morgan Fox is onto something with her Men of Iron Horse series. Its compelling, dangerous in a sexy and intriguing way, with men that know how to ride a motorcycle and to treat a woman, inside and outside the bedroom! I give Beautiful Heat an OUTSTANDING FIVE SHOOTING STARS! If I could give this an Eight, I would. I loved the story and characters and I hope to see MANY MANY stories in the Men of Iron Horse series." 
ARC Review - Marie's Tempting Reads


5 STARS - Unbridled Heat, Men of Iron Horse
"This story was incredibly sweet and mouth-wateringly good! I loved the sexy bad boy biker and the innocent bartender. The sex was scorching and the overall story-line was written beautifully. I am now in LOVE with bikers thanks to Morgan Fox. I give Unbridled Heat an AMAZING FIVE SHOOTING STARS!! If you're looking for a new biker story or interested in reading your first one, then Morgan Fox's Unbridled Heat would be PERFECT for you." 
ARC Review - Marie's Tempting Reads


5 STARS - Forgotten Temptation, Texas Stallions 4
"Morgan Fox has written another riveting and heartfelt story. The characters were funny and passionate and Kacie and Dustin's story is one of my favorites!! This story and series is a must read." 
A Cherished Reader @


4.5 STARS - Forbidden Temptation, Texas Stallions 4
"I truly, sincerely LOVED this book! Even though this is my FIRST Texas Stallion book I read, I will most assuredly be going back and reading the first three books in this Series. I honestly can't believe I didn't read the others. This book was GREAT....I suggest you run right to Bookstrand and purchase THE WHOLE Texas Stallions Series." 
Marie's Tempting Reads


5 STARS - Zombie Seduction


"Do not let the title of the book mislead you. Sexiest Zombie ever!!! The story was not only extremely erotic, it was action packed from beginning to end. I loved this book and could not put it down. I can't wait to see more sexy action packed books from Morgan Fox!!!"

Texas Girl Reviews

4 STARS - Zombie Seduction
"My introduction to Morgan Fox has left me looking forward to reading more of her work!" 
Aussie Girl Book Lover Reviews


4 STARS - Craving Silence, Cowboys and Werewolves 1


"I can't say enough about how animalistically intense this book was. While the story is short, is was packed with animal magnetism and fierce scenes that had me craving to be claimed. The struggle between the feeling of love and the instinct of a wolf was intriguing and reading about Silence trying to fight her instincts was a page turner to say the least. I wish the story had gone on longer so I could read more about this threesome and I hope there is more to come!"

Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

4 CUPS - Craving Silence, Cowboys and Werewolves 1

"Ms. Fox brings new life into a world of supernatural beings, including a very interesting mesh of unique abilities in one of the characters. The twists and turns that are in the novel also add flavor to the pages. Nicely done."

Coffee Time Romance

4 CHERRIES - Tempted by the Moon, Moonlight Shifters 2


"Wow. I advise you not to "moon" over the fact that you have not found a good werewolf story in awhile, because this book might just be what you're searching for. But remember, what makes this book truly adventurous are the steamy love scenes." 

Whipped Cream Reviews


4 STARS - Tempted by the Moon, Moonlight Shifters 2


"Four stars for the hot lovemaking, excellent public exhibitionism and varied characters." 

The Romance Reviews

4 STARS - Enticed by the Moon, Moonlight Shifters 3


"...I loved this book. Again I say, this is becoming one “must-have” series. So are you Enticed by the Moon yet? If so, I suggest checking out this fun fable. You might just feel the pull of the Moon in your fantasies!" 

Long and Short Reviews

Ms. Fox has done a wonderful job of mixing intrigue with romance in Enticed by the Moon."

Joyfully Reviewed

4.5 STARS - Ravished by the Moon, Moonlight Shifters 4


"Each book in the Moonlight Shifters Series maintains its consistency of being a good bedtime story for the one wanting some sizzle in their fantasies. Ms. Fox has made us aware of each character to the point of comfortable familiarity in each book....But as in all good romance books, we find ourselves utterly Ravished by the Moon right along with these fascinating mates."

Long and Short Reviews

"RAVISHED BY THE MOON BY MORGAN FOX is a sexy, erotic, and suspense filled read."

Fresh Fiction

"Ravished by the Moon is an explosive and exciting read."

Joyfully Reviewed

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