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The Spicy Spot Short Stories

Dr. Xavier Passions Series

Finding Passions

The Referral

Too Hot To Serve

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Triangle of Love Series

Love & Twins

Vampire Hunters

Fantasy Lovers

Hotter Than Fire 


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Love in the Tropics Series

Island Getaway

Island Seduction

Island Temptation

Island Exposure

Island Surprise

Island Captive

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Falling for an Immortal Series

An Immortal Crush

Romancing An Immortal

Dating An Immortal

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The Office Series

Sweet Dreams

Office Space

Morgan Fox


Zombie Seduction


Tristan Davis is shocked to discover that his life has become a true nightmare. Waking up in a morgue alongside the dead was enough to set his head on a tailspin. Forced to find out what happened to him, he goes in search of Lydia, his childhood best friend, and the woman he’s always loved.


Lydia Lockhart is elated to learn that Tristan is still a walking, talking member of society, but quickly realizes that there’s something different about him. A searing passion from his mysterious resurrection engulfs her, and she makes it her mission to find the cure for what is slowly killing him.


Neither Tristan nor Lydia ever imagined that they’d have the chance to fall in love. With time ticking against them, will they find love before it's too late?


Alone in the Woods Series

Night Falls Series

And More...




Neuroscientist, Liam Lawson, spends all his time finding a cure for Multiple Sclerosis. When he decides to make changes in his life, including the remodel work on his house, he's surprised when beautiful Dusty Smart shows up as the head contractor to bid on the job. Dusty is a career focused woman who loves to build and remodel homes. Her business growth has been slow--a woman contractor is an anomaly, but she's determined to make it work, even when clients like Liam constantly ride her about her ability.


Frustration escalates and Dusty and Liam make a deal, he leaves her alone to do her job and she proves she can do the job as good as or better than any man. Liam's rattled by Dusty's determination and as the two discover an unavoidable attraction, an accident reveals a secret Liam's been keeping.


Can they figure out a way to move past it or will the revelation prove too destructive?


After a yearlong engagement, Layla Grey and Luke Mackenzie are a week away from getting married, but an emotional storm is brewing between them that is turbulent, love shattering, and likely to tear them apart. Nothing is going as planned. No dress, no reception, and now, no church. As the signs of uncertainty pile up about their future, a devastating storm blows in, trapping Layla and Luke--a fierce hailstorm that destroys everything. Believing her life is over and they are about to experience certain death, Layla is confronted by her most significant fear and realization--if she survives, the wedding is off. Brokenhearted, Luke retreats, but nothing can subdue the pain of losing Layla. With the help of friends, he uncovers the root of their issues. Now, he must convince Layla that a wedding doesn't make a marriage, but together they could build a future.


The second bartender and free spirit Layton Goldman set eyes on Jaxson Winters, she's enthralled.After a few drinks and a friendly wager, she goes home with him--the perfect catch for a one night stand.


A former Marine, Jaxson Winters is new to Dallas and, post service, he landed a great job at Iron Horse Bar & Grill thanks to friends. To celebrate, he joins a few buddies' at the bar. His gaze wanders to a strawberry blonde who joins him for drinks and a night of passion.


The next day when Jaxson is introduced as Layton's new boss, things get complicated fast. Layton finds herself in dire straits and Jaxson steps up to render aid--his help, his bed, and his body. But when their affair is discovered, Layton ends her relationship with Jaxson in order to save their jobs, but fate may have other ideas. 



Single mom and waitress Claire Buckman is close to earning a paralegal degree. Weeks left of college, she catches the attention of playboy professor Nox Masters, who offers her a proposition--a one-time affair to remember. The sexual appetite they share is fierce and untamed--beyond what either imagined.


Nox craves more, but Claire's focus is on her daughter and degree. She has no room in her life for more. Fate be damned, a blind date arranged by mutual friends leaves them in a position to explore their unavoidable attraction. Throwing caution into the wind, they give into their needs, but all that comes tumbling around them when Claire's daughter runs away.


Realizing the emotional strain her daughter feels over Claire's new dating life, she ends things with Nox. Nox's only option is to discover a way to win Claire and her daughter. Or lose them both forever.



Iron Horse bartender and fitness guru Noble Truce longed to own her own fitness center, but after an embarrassing breakup, coupled with the tragic loss of her father, she was never able to subdue the guilt and realize her dreams.

Finn Kipling, pro quarterback, is fed up with flirtatious women who only want him for his fame and money. So, when he spots an abrupt and dismissive Noble bartending one night, he’s hooked. Trouble is, she’s not. Determined to win her over, he attends her fitness classes. He is desperate to prove his interest is genuine, but again she rejects him.

One night, while hiding in a private room at Iron Horse, Noble discovers he’s there. Intrigue draws her out and right into his arms. Passion engulfs them, and the real competition begins. Sex was sex and never meant to be more, but to him, it’s only a chance to win her over, and if given the chance, he will.



Sage Nixon is a career-focused firefighter who knows all about living with pain. As a child, she was badly scarred after being ejected from a car during a head on collision that killed her parents. Emotionally traumatized, she fears intimacy and prefers solitude to potential embarrassment.

Years later, she meets Jace Burnette, a sexy police officer by day and a bartender by night, with a bad reputation. She feels his gaze on her and can read his intentions in his piercing, hazel eyes, but what he desires she can never give him.

Jace is a playboy with no interest in every settling down. He has seen the ugly side of marriage and wants no part of it. But he does want Sage. Even if just for one night.

Trouble is, Sage won’t give him the time of day—or will she?






With the death of her parents, Janie Tatum’s life was forever changed. Now the sole guardian of her two brothers, she’s determined to give them the future she can no longer have. Putting aside all hope for love and career, she focuses on earning a living any way she can.


Lawyer Victor Cadwell has never had problems with female company, but when he meets Janie while she's tending bar at Iron Horse, he's irresistibly intrigued. She’s feisty and he finds her lack of interest in him appealing. He wants nothing but to satisfy his lust-driven curiosity, and when she accepts his proposition for a one-night stand, he takes full advantage.


When Janie comes face to face with Victor at his legal firm all bets are off. Desperate, they try to put aside their differences and work together. Trouble is, the more time they spend together, the more they want the one thing both are trying hard to avoid—falling in love.






Jason Whitmore had everything he ever wanted—a successful business, a beautiful home, and loyal friends. But watching everyone around him find their happily ever after reminded him of the one thing he desired most of all—a woman of his own to love.


Liza Grey was fighting to climb the ladder of success. As the youngest executive to ever work at her firm, she’s focused strictly on her career. Until the moment she meets Jason Whitmore, the sexy as hell biker and owner of Iron Horse Saloon. Plagued with fantasies, she jumps at the chance to have a taste of him. But one night of pleasure is not enough and a secret lover’s pact is forged.


When social differences become too much of an obstacle, Liza can’t risk the career she’s fought so hard to achieve. With the help of a friend, Jason puts a plan in motion to show her just how perfect they are for each other.




Samantha Murphy's life is rocked when the love of her life, Daniel Whitmore, returns after seven years. He left without a word to join the military and now he's back. Consumed with trust issues, she wants nothing to do with him, hating that even after so long he can still stir her emotions.


But Daniel is silently suffering with the nightmares of his past, haunted by the memories of a near fatal injury. His only salvation has been a picture of Sam, one he has kept close to his heart. And now that he's back, he wants her.


Emotionally shattered, Sam never fully moved on. Daniel has always been the missing piece in her life. But deja vu sends her running to protect her heart.


Can Daniel convince her that he's no longer the selfish man she fears, win her trust, and prove his love for her before it's too late?




Special Agent Reid Wilson is working undercover as a member of a Dallas biker club. His assignment is simple—uncover the drug dealer inside the club.


One night he’s put on the spot, teased about a sinfully sexy, redheaded bartender who won’t stop flirting with him. Normally, he’d have brushed off his desires, but when one of the members tries to stake a claim to her, Reid beats him to the chase.


Brynn Sloan can’t take her eyes off the new client at the bar. His jaw-dropping good looks and leather have her craving things she shouldn’t. Tempted by a scorching attraction, she beckons him to follow her and sparks fly. But what should’ve been a one-time deal proves to be more than either bargained for.


Lies, deceit, and guilt catch up to them and Reid is left with a choice—tell Brynn the truth and put her in danger or end it all and pray she’ll forgive him.




Zerina Duket despises pretty people. So when mouthwateringly sexy fireman Jeremy Lawrence begins repairing the fire-damaged area of the bar she works at, she’s more than pissed off.


Jeremy can’t stop the attraction burning him alive each time he looks at Zerina. She’s different—tattoos, piercings, and purple-tipped hair. He likes it. A lot. Her rebel side has him craving more than just a working relationship. The only trouble is, she can’t stand to be in the same room with him.


Unable to avoid their attraction, sexual heat sparks between them. Jeremy offers her an opportunity she can’t resist. But stepping out of her comfort zone proves to be a challenge when the demons from her past come back to haunt her.


Can Jeremy help Zerina see past her fears and give him the chance to prove just what kind of man he is or will her pride stop her from living her dream and finally finding love?


Layla Grey, a sweet and mostly innocent girl from Kentucky, is the least likely person to become the newest bartender at the popular biker bar, Iron Horse.


One night after closing, she’s assaulted. Escaping her attacker, she lands into the protective arms of Luke Mackenzie, a detective with tempting blue eyes and a wicked reputation. But as passions spark between them and they begin to explore unquenchable sexual desires, an arsonist with a secret past sets fire to the bar.


Everything is threatened as Luke begins to uncover more about the fire. But when Layla comes face to face with a conquest from Luke’s past, her fear of heartache sends her running.


Can Luke put his personal priorities in order in time to melt Layla’s heart and win her back, or will their unbridled heat fizzle out?



After forty years, retired bull rider, Dustin Burnett discovers that his birth mother’s alive and living in Temptation, Texas. Upon arriving, he spots the woman he loved but was forced to leave behind. Wiser than he was six years ago, he’s determined to make things right and claim her once and for all.


Kacie Sutton has no desire to open her heart to the man that once tore it from her chest. The bitter reminder of Dustin’s betrayal has never been far from her mind. Especially since the last time they made love, he’d gotten her pregnant and she’d been forced to raise their child alone.


Now he’s back, searching for answers about his past and hoping to make amends for his mistakes. Protecting her daughter has always been Kacie’s priority, but keeping her distance from Dustin proves harder than she ever imagined.




Catherine Garrett has lived with the dark cloud of past mistakes looming over her head for too long. But after surviving a tragic accident, she finally has a chance to start her life over—alone. So when she comes face to face with a mouthwatering, blue-eyed Texas rancher, of course she's more than freaked out. She’s speechless.


For years, Cooper Boyd has longed for a relationship that lasted longer than the night. Watching both his brothers marry, he can’t shake the desire burning in his heart to find a love of his own. Leaving Temptation is his only option—until a mysterious brunette unexpectedly pulls him into her grasp. Their instant attraction is explosive, sensual and irresistible.


But when Catherine’s terrifying past catches up to her, the love they crave suddenly comes crashing down around them.





Ex-marine Stone McGraw stalks into Temptation to resolve unfinished business, but nothing could prepare him for what happens next. Meeting Gracie Myles, the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen, changes everything.


Deputy James Ryan spent most of his life angry about past mistakes he can do nothing about. Coming face-to-face with Gracie triggers emotions he never expected, but can’t get enough of.


For years, Gracie endured a past filled with regret and emotional darkness. Wanting a fresh start, she seeks a job with the sheriff’s office, but a new life may not be possible as her past quickly catches up to her.


A well-known drug dealer followed Gracie and is threatening everything she has come to love.


Now Gracie’s life rests in the hands of Stone and James. Can they save her from harm, put an end to their differences, and keep her from running from her past?




After a traumatic car accident, Delilah Devero learns that her brakes had been tampered with, leaving her hospitalized and stranded in Temptation, Texas. Sheriff Clay Garrett and cattle rancher Hunter Boyd become her salvation, protecting her from a deranged stalker.


Forced to put their possessive desires aside, the cowboys cannot ignore the fiery connection that burns hot for Delilah. Exploring the passions that lie deep within her heart, Clay and Hunter begin to unravel a plan to keep her from running away from the dangers of her past. Both men agree that settling down at Turtledove Ranch could prove to be her sanctuary, but their plans quickly disintegrate when the evil she fears most threatens to destroy everything she’s come to love.


Together, Clay and Hunter must figure out a way to keep the woman they long for safe. What they encounter may leave them breathless.




Abigail Carter arrives in Temptation, Texas, wondering what her recently deceased father was thinking when he left her his prized cattle ranch. Now, as the sole heir of Paradise Ranch, Abby must figure out how to manage and run the day-to-day operations.


Luckily, experienced cattle rancher Tyler Boyd steps up to help her with the assistance of his brothers, but Abby’s dreams quickly come crashing down around her as a serial killer marks her for death, stalking her at every turn.


The sexy cowboy puts aside his own safety for the alluring Abby and tries to keep her safe from the evil hunting her, but when the killer places him at the top of his hit list, everything they've come to love could end in murder.


Can the love of a strong cowboy help her discover her hidden passions and ultimately save her life?




Shadow Foster’s life hasn’t worked out the way she planned. Desperate to escape the shadow of her twin sister Silence, she rustles with the idea of leaving the protection of her lycan pack.


Gavin Ford, a local lawman, won’t give up on the woman who has captured his heart and turned his life upside down. Shadow is all he desires, and he’ll stop at nothing to convince her that she belongs with him. Until Julian, a Fae prince, shows up to profess his love for her and expose a secret from her past.


An evil Demon Fae lurks in the darkness of Julian’s world, threatening to destroy both his world and Earth. Shadow holds the power of Fae magic, and the demon will stop at nothing to take back what is rightfully his.


Can Shadow put aside her selfish needs and allow Gavin and Julian a chance to love and protect her before the evil crushes everything they hold dear?



Sheriff Silence Foster had everything under control in the quaint town of Silent Falls, until a group of rogue lycans begins raining terror down upon the people she’s sworn to protect.


Billionaire cowboy and land developer Walker Helmsley has plans for Silent Falls, but returning to his hometown could prove dangerous as family secrets begin to unfold, marking him for certain death.


Cattle rancher Lance Hickman is attacked by lycans, and a supernatural force begins an immediate transition. Once conscious, he catches the scent of his mate.


Primal passions erupt, leaving these virile men craving Silence and fighting for their lives. Together, they must uncover the mysteries of Silent Falls before it kills them all.




Tabitha Burn's life hasn't turned out like she imagined. Now a werewolf, she fears that her mates, Ryken and Luken McCree, were never meant to be hers. Convinced that her lovers are not interested in a life of family and children, Tabitha takes advantage of her estranged aunt's death to return to Seattle. There Tabitha discovers that her life doesn't have to be the one she'd had forced upon her. Now she has choices. A lot of choices.

Ryken and Luken are anxious when Tabitha insists on leaving them behind while she attends a family funeral. But when Brie McCarthy, Tabitha's best friend, comes to them with mystic concerns of her own, both men fear the worst.


Somehow, the mating bond they share is vanishing. Neither wolf wants to lose their mate and will do anything to bring her home...even if it means letting her go.


Jonah McCarthy loves his mate Brie. But sharing her with his brother Sebastian weighs too heavily on his heart. He can no longer stand by and pretend he's happy as he watches from the shadows as Sebastian’s life with their mate flourishes. Something has to change and leaving the only woman he's ever loved is the only solution that makes sense.  


Brie’s heart is shattered when her marriage to Jonah is threatened. Loving her mates made her whole and she’ll do anything to remind them of the bond they had forged together. Desperate, she calls upon the assistance of the pack.


Jonah struggles to find his way, but when Brie and Sebastian’s daughter, Kayla goes missing, he is consumed with the need to find her. When the snow begins to fall and the Christmas season lingers in the air, Jonah is forced to face the demons that have clouded his mind and the selfish desires that have crippled his heart.


For several years, werepanther Bianca Jacobs has sought out a way to regain her position within her pack. Her mission: Infiltrate the ranks of the vampire queen and place herself directly in the line of fire. Ending the queen’s reign of terror is within her grasp…if a certain hybrid doesn't kill her first.


Betrayed by those he once trusted, Ryder O’Laughlin will stop at nothing to end the nightmare that has plagued his kind. Trapped between duty and consuming desire, Ryder must partner with Brody Sullivan, a werepanther with a secret of his own.


Can the three of them put aside their emotional conflicts and find a way to destroy a nefarious vampire queen and end the mutating were-virus once and for all?


Tiffany Miles is a fey witch with a magical birthright. Forced by her people to align with the lycans, she discovers that doing so has placed her in grave danger.


A nefarious vampire queen seeks to gain control of her magical powers—powers she has no idea how to control.


Forced into a dangerous game of cat and mouse, Tiffany turns to Zane McCoskey, a lycan doctor who has been bewitched by her since the first moment he set eyes on her. Enslaved by unquenched desires, he learns that the beautiful blonde is his mate, and the fevered attraction turns him inside out. The fierce nature of his beast is released, and he will stop at nothing to protect what belongs to him.


Only the courage and strength they find in each other’s arms can save them all from certain death.


Feisty and gorgeous Megan Shaw is a leading lycan physician ordered by her alpha to uncover the mystery of a DNA virus plaguing her kind. But when her alpha also orders Dominic Mercer and Reyes Rodale to protect and guard her from a nefarious vampire…all hell breaks loose.


While Megan tries to stay focused on the medical quandary, a competitive game is afoot between her two tempting and arrogant protectors—a game of seduction and intrigue.


Together, they discover that being ravished by unrelenting passions and chased by a terrorizing evil can be more tantalizing than any of them had ever bargained for.




With an evil, virus-infected werewolf/panther on the loose, twins Ryken and Luken McCree are sent to collect and protect the enticing Tabitha Burns, the best friend of their alpha leader's mate. But bringing Tabitha back to McCarthy Ranch in one piece may prove to be more of a challenge than expected.


Sexual chemistry blazes hot enough to bring the three of them to the gates of blissful pleasure, but secrets are soon revealed that could change everything between them.


As lust and passion soar high, precious time is quickly running out. With a snarling evil close at their heels, and the approaching pull of the full moon clawing at their backs, everything they desire could lead to the destruction of all they hold dear.



Newly engaged, Brie Ferguson and Jonah McCarthy submerge themselves in primal temptations, but the constant reminder of Sebastian McCarthy's absence is enough to ruin even the best orgasm.


Distracted by the mating heat, Brie feels a deep longing to be with both her mates, especially her Alpha. Discovering that Sebastian's been infected with the same debilitating virus that turned Mason Levi, a convicted murder and werepanther, into an ultimate killing machine is enough to bring her to her knees.


Brie is tormented with the knowledge that the man she loves could destroy her, but the mating heat is all consuming and leaves her with little choice. Instincts drive her to once again feel the sexual heat and connection she shares with Sebastian and Jonah.


But once she learns that Sebastian holds the answers to her past, can the truth be the missing link into freeing her soul and igniting a passion so tempting Sebastian and Jonah can't resist?



Brie Ferguson, an attorney with a prestigious legal firm in Dallas, quickly finds herself in the protective custody of the gorgeous and possessive McCarthy brothers after a convicted murderer threatens to kill her.


Coming to terms with her sexual attraction for both Sebastian and Jonah McCarthy, she’s unable to resist sating the desires burning inside her. The fierce men weaken her resistance and steal her breath as they set fire to her body in ways she’d only fantasized about.


Now, Sebastian and Jonah must find a way to put an end to a murderer’s threat and uncover the secrets of Brie’s past. Secrets she herself hadn’t even known existed.


Can the McCarthy brothers keep Brie safe from the clutches of the monster stalking after her and convince her that the wild wolves they harbor inside themselves are meant to be her mates—forever?


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